• System Design
  •  Neuromorphic AI Accelerator System Design

  • Algorithm Design
  •  Neuromorphic AI Inference Chip Algorithm

  • Chip Design
  •  Neuromorphic AI Accelerator Chip Design

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Electronic Nose

  • Miniature Electronic Nose System
  •  Integrated Micro Sensor Array
     System-on-Chip and Package
     Module, System and Algorithm

  • Application: Early Screening of Diseases
  •  Chest physician
     Gas analysis method
     Diagnosis chip (VAP, COPD, LC…)

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Biomedical Inplants

  • Circuit Design for Biomedical Devices
  •  Data transceiver Wireless power transfer system Stimulator Analog to digital converter Low noise amplifier Digital Processor

  • Application: Deep Brain Stimulation
  •  Implantable, Batteryless, Bidirectional communications, Low power Neural recording and stimulation,Small device size

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賀 ! 本實驗室的論文發表在 IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits
論文題目: " A Local Computing Cell and 6T SRAM based Computing-in-Memory Macro with 8b MAC Operation for Edge AI Chips"

Posted by NBME on 4 12, 2021

賀 ! 本實驗室的論文發表在 AICAS 2021
論文題目: " Integer Quadratic Integrate-and-Fire (IQIF): A Neuron Model for Digital Neuromorphic Systems"
論文題目: " A Bio-Inspired Motion Detection Circuit for the Computation of Optical Flow: The Spatial-Temporal Filtering Reichardt Model"

Posted by NBME on 4 09, 2021

賀 ! 本實驗室博士後Meysam Akbari的論文發表在 Electronics Letters
論文題目: " An adjustable 0.3-V current winner-take-all circuit for analog neural networks"

Posted by NBME on 3 09, 2021