• System Design
  •  Neuromorphic AI Accelerator System Design

  • Algorithm Design
  •  Neuromorphic AI Inference Chip Algorithm

  • Chip Design
  •  Neuromorphic AI Accelerator Chip Design

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Electronic Nose

  • Miniature Electronic Nose System
  •  Integrated Micro Sensor Array
     System-on-Chip and Package
     Module, System and Algorithm

  • Application: Early Screening of Diseases
  •  Chest physician
     Gas analysis method
     Diagnosis chip (VAP, COPD, LC…)

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Biomedical Implants

  • Circuit Design for Biomedical Devices
  •  Data transceiver Wireless power transfer system Stimulator Analog to digital converter Low noise amplifier Digital Processor

  • Application: Deep Brain Stimulation
  •  Implantable, Batteryless, Bidirectional communications, Low power Neural recording and stimulation,Small device size

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Meysam Akbari, Safwan Mawlood Hussein, Yasir Hashim, and Kea-Tiong Tang*,
“0.4-V Tail-Less Quasi-Two-Stage OTA Using a Novel Self-Biasing Transconductance Cell”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers (TCAS-I), accepted.

Posted by NBME on 3 29, 2022

賀 ! 本實驗室獲得2021未來科技獎   未來科技館
參展名稱: 用於智慧生活的靜態與動態視覺關鍵技術

PHOTO  Posted by NBME on 10 27, 2021

賀 ! 本實驗室的論文發表在 Oral presentation at IEDM 2021
題目: "A Miniature Electronic Nose for Breath Analysis"

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賀 ! 本實驗室獲得2021未來科技獎   未來科技館
參展名稱: 用於智慧生活的靜態與動態視覺關鍵技術

Posted by NBME on 8 25, 2021